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WordPress Website is Taking Over the Website World by Storm

Even though a lot of the public are still having the stereotype that WordPress is still a blogging platform and only serve for average usage, the climate has changed. WordPress website actually has changed the industry for good, it is not only serve as Corporate Display website, Ecommerce website, it can also be customised into much more complicated web application if you find a good agency. Thats why we come into the picture and hope that we can be the one helping you with request that normal agency not capable of !


Different Industries, Different Design, Different Development

At Adsmunch, we not only serve ourselves as normal website design studio. Our capabilities are not restricted to only normal website setup and creation. With our expertise in digital marketing and system development, we pride ourselves as full fledged provider that can support you with more complicated and higher scale website development. We have been serving local Malaysia SMEs with numerous of website designed and developed (check out our website portfolio), we have proved our website design skill and quality. Now, we would like to welcome clients that are looking for more advance solutions such as Advanced Ecommerce, Web Application, Custom Coding or any other special request that you wish to achieve.



Being in the industry for more than 4 years, we are confident in understanding your needs and requests to craft out an optimal website to attract your potential client eye ball. We are not artist, we are just professional that understand customer behavior to convert it into eye catchy website. Again, if you are looking for a piece of art, look for artist, we are selling you a platform to improve your business presentation online.

If we have the privilege to serve you, we will focus in creating a website with easily accessible sitemap and navigation to the important information.

Weighted on the look to emphasize on the scale of your business yet not to lose the human touch and most importantly, the sustainability of the business that will shape our future. We are highly enthusiastic to participate in the opportunity to bring out the strength and value of your company in the new website if we can collaborate together in the near future.

Our Web Design Process

Requirement Study

Detailed discussion with client about the website design requirements and desired Website structure.

Conceptualisation & Mock Up Creation

Website Conceptualisation based on our design team’s experience and creation of mock-ups based on client’s requirements.

Design Revision

Revision of the Home Page & full Page mock-up design based on client’s feedback.

Web Development

Website Development and coding based on the approved mock-up design.

Live Preview & Agreement

Live preview of the Website and mutual agreement to let the Website go “live”.

Website Live

Completion of the Web Development Project and Launch plus full functionality-test of the website in the client’s chosen web-domain.

As a professional website design agency, we promise not only a good visual design to uplift your company’s branding, but also help you to engage with more clients with our strategic planning in digital marketing to boost your business revenue.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner in website design, development and optimisation, we are here to help you.


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