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Effective design is more than beautiful pictures, fonts, copy or web pages – it’s about building trust through clarity and consistency. Clarity and consistency can only be achieved through design that is the result of clear priorities and objectives. Through research, discovery and consultation, we work with you to put this design plan in place.

Web Design and Development

The world is changing faster than the businesses is ever able to evolve, it is extremely crucial to build your business in front of the trend, or at least riding the fast changing trend. We believe that website is just the starting point of showcasing your business to potential clients online.

Web Design is not only about visual design, its about making an impact once the user landed on your website.  Website development is an easy job, but to develop a GREAT website require tons of skill.

Every freelancer can claim to make a website for you with cheap price, but do they understand your business need? Do you want your clients to know your business scale and value? Do you want the website to serve as your online sales page to convince more potential clients? If any of these points strike you, please consider professionals rather than freelancers.

With extensive experience in doing online marketing, we are good at capturing the attention of your potential clients, you should be focusing in making your clients happy and make more Money!

Online Marketing and Advertising

We always call ourselves online specialist, this is our stronghold. We believe in online marketing, we live and breathe internet, so do you! Do not be trapped in the traditional mindset that business should only be done by referral or word of mouth, thats Old School! If you only believe in newspaper or billboard advertising, we have to say good luck to you. Please… we beg you to talk to us to understand more about online marketing. We don’t charge the consultation fee, we are not lawyer. So, lets talk!

  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Information Architecture & User Experience

System Design and Development

Every business need system, its just that whether you have the courage to step out from your comfort zone and make your business more systematic. Anyone that say the business is too small to have a system is not wrong,  they are just not ready yet. So, all the best in putting out fire internally and cleaning up the mess without having a clue. On the other hand, if you want transparent transaction record, clearer sales report, one click business analysis, contact us now. Leave the development job to us, you can still focus in expanding your business, its not that scary.
  • Business Planning Analysis
  • Management System Definition
  • Requirement Analysis & Structuring
  • Component Design & Development
  • Implementation & Analysis
  • System Maintenance & Improvement

Andriod/iOs Apps

Every Moms and their cats are playing Pokemon Go, you should know the power of a popular App now! Every business that tag along with this App is making huge amount of money. Think about the business potential if you own an app? Lets talk, we hope we are the one that help build another great App!
  • Mobile App Strategy
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Andriod Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Marketing

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