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Web design in Malaysia has becomed more and more saturated day after day. The main reason behind is the low entry point of this industry. A lot of freshgratduate or freelancer joined the party to provide low cost service to clients in Malaysia. In this article, we are not going to critise or bias on any provider quality but rather focus on the neautral and open minded way of discussing the website design price in Malaysia.

First of all, lets take a look at the range of web design price in Malaysia: RM 1,000 – RM 200,000 ++ depending on the functioanlities and complexities of the website. We know, it sounds ridiculous for having such a gigantic gap between the low end to high end of the website pricing, but its true! And we are pretty sure that quite many of you have experienced this scenario before.

Web Design & Development in Malaysia

When you are reading this articles, I believe you had google web design malaysia or related keywords and found our website. Basically what you are looking for is to create and craft a complete website for you, set it up and launch it live in your domain. Hence, what you are really looking for is turnkey solution provider who can help you from start to the end to get a fully functioning website running in the web. However, a lot of our clients are very confused before they engage us, they dont know the standard procedure, the rough budget to allocate, the duration of the project and how much effort they need to put in when developing the website.

Hereby, we list down some checklist for you guys to refer to in order to have a better and clearer picture of how you should treat the web design project in the first place:


1) How many design pages and duplicable pages you need the web designer to take care of?

2) Are you looking for template based website or custom design website (this is one of the main factor in the pricing)

3) Are you looking to sell products (payment enabled) in the website or just displaying your business online?

4) Do you need a backend management dashboard (CMS)? Or you probably just need to update the website 1 time in thousands year?

5) Do you need SEO (either on site SEO or off site SEO) to make the website ranked better?


6) Do you need special functionalibilty in the website (ie. chatbox, calendar, event management, booking, reservation, etc)

7) Do you need specific workflow/formula to be in calculation in the backend as a more complicated website

8) Do you need the web designer to strictly follow the company CI (corporate identity)?

9) Do you need the website to integrate with any other 3rd party software or platform? Is there any 2 ways communication between the software?

10) Any other special requirement/service (ie. photography, copywriting, videography, art directing, branding, etc) Above are some of the important questions we will ask the client before we are able to provide an accurate pricing.

There are 2 levels of questions listed above as it caters for different type of clients. Most of the time, clients just require to understand and provide answer for basic questions as the website they are looking for is not that advance but rather the objective is to make the website a more engaging interface to attract potential clients. However, if your company is looking for advance provider to take care of more complicated requirement, you may need to think about those points carefully as the web design price will be differ greatly with different complexity.

Thanks for reading, we will create more articles in order to further elaborate the concerns listed above in the near future. If you are interested to know more immediately, please do not hesitate to contact us, our consultant will be in touch shortly to explain and clarify your doubt professionally.


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