3 Important Web Design Trends in 2019

In design world, things change constantly. The only thing that stand still forever is changing itself.

However, there are aspect that we can look into every now and then to understand user sense of preference and also the major direction of where the websites are heading. If you are concern about the design trend in the future, lets dive in and look into a few important trends that we should be concern for.

Here are the things:
1) Text Display: In the past few years, we can observe that a lot of website is dominated with lots of images and videos. Beautiful elements are dominating over the content itself. Lots of users and even designers have put nice images over content to be the priority of the website development.
Its time for retro, we are going back to the fundamental of internet. Content is brought to the forefront of the web design, and it is the best thing to be shown to google as well. Designer should take note of letter forms and give textual content to the most observed part of the website.

You may notice quite some of the latest website is represented by big text / letters in their front page and banners. It quickly capture the eyeball when you first launch on the website and grab the reader focus immediately. Sometime, when the text is too large to be contained, it is fragmented into pieces and uplift the message urgency to another new level

2) Black and White: We are not suggesting the whole website to be covered with black and white only. It may convey the wrong impression to the visitors. We are suggesting to top up some nice color as a contrast against the plain color. If you are able to choose the right color or suitable to your business, it will change the perspective people looking at your business.

Color is the indicator of your moods. The stand out color above B&W and matching with the right content, it immediately provide the strong attractiveness to your potential clients. Black and white is a very unique pair of design to be included in your color palette. If you are looking for a modern website, black and white is one of the most selected combination by professional designers around the world.

3) Natural Shape: Unlike old and traditional taste of design by clients, a lot of the decision makers are from the new generation. They are not bounded by the traditional concept of rectangular and square elements display in the website. Web design should focus and move forward to be more bold and utilise natural shapes to make the website more organic and comfortable in one eye.

In older style of website design and development, client will tend to look for more professional and organised way of display. However, when tide of trend is changing, curving shape or asymmetrical shapes will become the new norm to provide the depth the website design. Handmade shape and design is very popular nowadays, when people are looking for freedom in mind, they are more fancy towards free-drawn elements in the web design too.

Different trends rise up every now and then. We should always observe and follow the latest trend in order to get the best web design idea to cater for our website. Contact us now if you wish to have a more engaging website to attract your potential client. Adsmunch Website Design Malaysia.


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