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If you are a small business which doesnt have a lot of stocks keeping, customised WMS may not be applicable for you. Off the shelf WMS maybe better for your standard and non complicated stock management.

However, if you are running a business with thousands or much more stock (SKU), parts and products, you are not wise to simply buy a standard  software to manage your warehouse operation. The reason being to better manage your warehouse, we should streamline the workflow based on your current operation and make it more efficient, not to alter the whole workflow to follow the rigid software algorithm.

Hence, you may talk to us to get a better understanding of whether we are the right candidate to help you digitise the warehouse management operation today.

What is warehouse management system (WMS)? If you a business that deal with lots of goods in and out of the company, you must be very familiar with warehouse management, but maybe still on paper or better, with an excel spreadsheet. A customised WMS is a system that process and control the warehouse operation from the goods move in to the warehouse, how it is stored, how it is handled until it is moved out from the warehouse. Some of the WMS will handle process like FIFO, FILO, etc to better handle the goods based on the industry practice with ease as it will trace the time in and time out while informing the stackholders to take note of special needs.

WHAT IS WMS / Warehouse Management System

If you are a business owner who just happened to visit this page, we would like to urge you to think carefully about the cost and effort in handling the backend documentation. DMS is a fundamental tool for every business who wish to become more efficient. Providing a robust management of controlled documents to be accurate, complete and up to date. If you are looking to step into digitalisation of your business, eDMS can be your stepping stone as it is not complicated, and easier to impliment to your operation.

What Can DMS Help?

Controlled Document

Better tracking and management of controlled documents.

Reduction of Paper Documentation

Reduction of paper documentation usage, hence less physical storage capacity required to store document and disposure of outdated papers.

Automated Flow

Automated notification to different stackholders for Approval, Authorisation, Versioning.

Regulation Compliance

Comply with regulations requirement and business needs.

Reduce Training Time

Reduction of training effort in managing controlled documents.

Version Tracking

Accurately recording of different accessment of document, up to date modification and versioning

As an one stop solution provider of both front end websites and backend workflow management system, we are destined to be your most reliable partner in developing a system that best fit your business needs. We are customising the software based on your requirement and morph with our experience in workflow mangement.

We are happy to listen to what you concern and what you are looking to achieve. Contact us now to enhance your business document management better again!


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