Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile responsive website is necessary in current trend of website design & development approach. It is very important for development for your business website as Google deem mobile as one of the priority factor when analysing your website SEO weight. Its understandable as more and more viewers lands on website via their smartphone devices when they are searching information online.

Mobile responsive approach will give designer a way to concentrate the website in displaying important content in mobile devices rather than just concentrate the weight on the graphic or visual design in wider desktop screen. The main priority is to develop a website can be responsive with great text content for smartphone viewers. Currently the main consideration is to put up very informative content to be more engaging to the viewers who are in need of your service. A better balance of content, graphic and structure will be taken into development process in the future.

Of course, when you are looking to create the website, the designer still need to understand the objective and type of the website that you wish to craft out. As web design agency in Malaysia, we understand that a lot of client is still wish to have a good visual website that can be eye catchy when displayed in desktop or laptop as most of the viewers are still launching website in bigger screen when they are searching info online. However, we are also advising the client to consider mobile responsive as the percentage of mobile users in Malaysia is increasing rapidly, day by day.

Specially designed and built mobile version is still not utterly needed as it may involve hefty cost as we need to design and develop individually. Hence, mobile responsive provided by framework is the most recommended for better cost effectiveness and up to date technology.

In short, change is happening everyday in IT world. As web developer, we are always adapting to the most up to date technology. It is not only due to the trend, but the better user experience and utilisation. To keep in mind that content and design is the core of website design and development process, no matter what will be changed in the web design trend.


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