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Nowadays, there are more and more people in Malaysia dream of having own business online. There are numerous reason behind this phenomena, most obvious reason is that younger generation are sick of working with other people yet the salary is not enough to cover their high cost of living. Another important reason is that the tech savvy generation are more aware that the upcoming trend in Malaysia will be happening online, as it is easier to setup, cheaper to start and connecting to wider target audience without much initial connection needed.

As web design agency ourselves, there are quite a lot of fellow Malaysian who wish to open their online shop, mostly selling healthcare or fashion products. Normally they only know that an Ecommerce website is needed, but without much understanding of the workflow needed to have a fully functioning website to run their business in Malaysia. In this article, we will talk about the requirement to have Ecommerce website design in Malaysia, we will not touch on the corporate setup portion as it is not our forte.

Lets get started.

1) One of the most important concern you will need to have is the product that you wish to sell. When you are having a good product, you are half way winning the race. If you only want to escape the hamster trap without a clear picture of the product you wish to promote to the world, you are not ready yet.

2) Your target audience. Well, we are in multi racial country, our society is structured with people from all walks of life. Your product is suitable or most sought over by which group of buyers? Are you targeting the most percentage of residents in Malaysia? Are you looking to sell to younger generation? Are you looking to sell to women? men? children? These are some of the bigger segmentisation of the demographic that you should look into. After that, dig down into the deeper layer to understand the specific group of people that you are going to sell your product to. Dont chase for the broader range if you are not ready to burn lots of budget in testing.

3) Once you are ready to sell online after understanding your product and buyers. Its now that you can find the right provider for ecommerce website design. If you have bigger budget, you can find the agency to build a proper ecommerce website for you which equipped with different promotion features, which serve to attract more buyers to buy from your website. Else, what we suggest you to start with basic Ecommerce website which has standard features to understand the workflow ecommerce first, after you are well understood what the client want, then top up to add on more functionality. Well, the budget for a powerful ecommerce website can cost up to RM50k – RM100k++, while a standard Ecommerce website will cost less than RM10k, you decide.

4) When you are building an Ecommerce website, the other concern that you need to think about is the payment gateway. A lot of wanna be seller doesnt know that there is payment gateway existed and there are charges by these payment gateways in setup and for each transaction involved. Well, these payment gateway already done the gruntwork to liaise and link with banks, definitely there will be cost involved. If you are looking for most popular few, they are iPay88, eGHL, MOLpay, etc. Else you may want to consider Paypal which charge nothing in advance but higher cost per transaction.

5) Now, you are almost done here with setting up your online Ecommerce shop and ready to rock. If you still have some budget left or allocated for marketing, we will suggest you to get an agency to drive traffic to your website to kick start the Ecommerce transaction. Without traffic, an Ecommerce website is more like non existing. If you wish to do it free, try to join FB groups that highly related to your products and entice people to visit your website for some purchase.

These are 5 big points we believe will set a clearer picture for your online shop dream, there are still numerous nitty gritty concerns that you will need to concern about when getting your own Ecommerce website in Malaysia. However, this will help you kick start in the first place. All the best to your venture and if you need more consultation in putting the puzzle together, contact us for more information.


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