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If you are still using a lot of paper trace of document, you are going to face stiff challenge in coming 3 to 4 years time.

5G internet is launching in Malaysia, more and more info, data and infrastructures are connecting to internet. Most SMEs are either willingly or forced to face the truth of digital world, regardless of retail shop, manufacturer, servicing niche or trading merchant are looking to digitalise their business. You are not going to escape from this trend, building a website is for your front end while having a simple eDMS (Document Manage System) is the first step you can cope with to better manage your business in digital way. Check it out.


Water Treatment Company DMS Development

What is DMS (Document Management System)? It is a system that company used to track, manage documents from different stack holders. The digital storage will help to reduce the paper usage and also prevent any physiscal loss of the document after time fades. Moreover, as it is digitalised and store in cloud storage, user is able to access it from different locations & time. Management and tracking of creation, viewing and accessment versions will be easily traced.

The benefit of it is that if the document is uploaded, edited or viewed by which user can be reported to management clearly and immediately to prevent any abusement or misunderstanding.

Hence, we can view eDMS as the best document or file management methodology if you wish to make your business more proper and organised. Regardless to save cost in using paper in long term or transform your business to a more advance entity or to prevent any human error occured in most cases.

WHAT IS eDMS / Document Management System


For this development of DMS development project, we have helped a medium size water filtration company to better manage their internal documents with a customised system.

Previously, they are using paper and excel to store their documents, hence there are many miscommunication or loss of documents, info and data when the paper is passing around. The time loss is heavy as well which hinder their processing time when different departments stack holders required to access the relevant documents. Moreover, whenever there is any human mistake occured such as accidentally deletion of the excel data, there is no way they can trace the real culprit. Hence, it will waste a lot of effort and hidden cost to discover the real cause of the issue.

By helping them to build up a DMS that fit their business operation, we have helped them to reduce cost in paper usage and also increase communication effiiciency significantly between different departments. By reducing disputes and communication time span between different stack holders, the company has been focusing more on the Sales and front end, and hence more revenue generated.

We will be happy to have a discussion with you if you need our custom development of your own document management system. Just drop us your requirement here.

If you are a business owner who just happened to visit this page, we would like to urge you to think carefully about the cost and effort in handling the backend documentation. DMS is a fundamental tool for every business who wish to become more efficient. Providing a robust management of controlled documents to be accurate, complete and up to date. If you are looking to step into digitalisation of your business, eDMS can be your stepping stone as it is not complicated, and easier to impliment to your operation.

What Can DMS Help?

Controlled Document

Better tracking and management of controlled documents.

Reduction of Paper Documentation

Reduction of paper documentation usage, hence less physical storage capacity required to store document and disposure of outdated papers.

Automated Flow

Automated notification to different stackholders for Approval, Authorisation, Versioning.

Regulation Compliance

Comply with regulations requirement and business needs.

Reduce Training Time

Reduction of training effort in managing controlled documents.

Version Tracking

Accurately recording of different accessment of document, up to date modification and versioning

As an one stop solution provider of both front end websites and backend workflow management system, we are destined to be your most reliable partner in developing a system that best fit your business needs. We are customising the software based on your requirement and morph with our experience in workflow mangement.

We are happy to listen to what you concern and what you are looking to achieve. Contact us now to enhance your business document management better again!


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