Comparison: WordPress VS Wix

To be honest, as WordPress website provider, it is quite unfair for us to provide a comparison of WordPress VS Wix. However, due to some enquiry from our potential clients for us to build Wix website for their business. We would like to express our opinion about these two well known website platform.

As disclaimer, we are comparing based on honest advice and opinion.

It is not an easy decision to choose between these pair, especially it is your first time get a website created. The objective of having a website is to display or showcase your company strength, services, solutions and products, the least thing you want is to commit too much money and effort but eventually find out the whole final website is crap and you need to rebuild it. Hence, it is utterly important for you to understand your objective and restriction before kick start the project.

Both WordPress and Wix are good platform. Even though we are building most of our website on top of Worrdpress framework, we cant deny the easiness of Wix website creation. However, these two platform is fairly different from each other in terms of target audience and utilisation behind.

We wont cover the comparison in point by point as we will be doing so in the future. In this article, we are only giving rough idea who should choose what.

Who should choose Wix? We will recommend people who are starting out their business with limited budget to kick start using Wix. The reason behind is simple, Wix is based on monthly subscription, hence you dont need to pull out stack of cash from your pocket to feed us (Yes, us, website developer). What you should do is to subscribe from their official website and start building the website fairly easily (at least some design sense needed). If you are totally blinded with design, then I would suggest you pay some small fund for freelancer to build a simple website to begin with.

If you are established business, then I strongly suggest / beg you to build your website based on WordPress (or if more complicated website requirement, engage us to build with pure HTML/PHP coding). The reason being WordPress as world most popular CMSable platform, it not only allow you to own a very visually nice website, but also allow you to update the content in the future easily. The cost of having website provider to create a WordPress is relatively not very hefty considering its flexibility and robustness. Although it definitely cannot be scaled up until a super complicated and huge website (such as Lazada or Alibaba), it is definitely enough for most of businesses needs.

After deciding on the big direction on who is suitable for Wix and WordPress, we will only continue other comparison in another article in the future. However, below are some of the points we are going to discuss just in case you are interested to know more:

1) Flexibility of the platform cater for expansion
2) Ease of Use when creating the website (if you choose to build by yourself)
3) Support of the website
4) On going technical maintenance
5) Pricing comparison (definitely this is something you guys are more interested!)

Thank you and see you guys next time!


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