Today’s Website Development Challenges

Today’s Website Development Challenges

Business and Google Ranking focused Web Design in Malaysia. Today’s web design approach requires much more than just creating a visually attractive website. It involves: Gathering all necessary information to create “Great Content”, that will fully answer the query your potential client made in Google Search Making your website “secure”,

Ecommerce Websites in Malaysia

Nowadays, there are more and more people in Malaysia dream of having own business online. There are numerous reason behind this phenomena, most obvious reason is that younger generation are sick of working with other people yet the salary is not enough to cover their high cost of living. Another

Why you need a system for your business

If you are the business owner or top level management executive, you definitely understand the importance of having a business management system to streamline your business operation workflow. The lack of ability to adapt to new technology or manage the workflow efficiently will be disaster to any scale of business.

3 Important Web Design Trends in 2019

In design world, things change constantly. The only thing that stand still forever is changing itself. However, there are aspect that we can look into every now and then to understand user sense of preference and also the major direction of where the websites are heading. If you are concern

Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile responsive website is necessary in current trend of website design & development approach. It is very important for development for your business website as Google deem mobile as one of the priority factor when analysing your website SEO weight. Its understandable as more and more viewers lands on website

Web Design Malaysia – Price & Definition

Web design in Malaysia has becomed more and more saturated day after day. The main reason behind is the low entry point of this industry. A lot of freshgratduate or freelancer joined the party to provide low cost service to clients in Malaysia. In this article, we are not going

Digital online advertising marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Digital online advertising marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Digital online advertising marketing that work across different business industries We help companies develop and execute holistic digital marketing strategies to build brand awareness, generate leads and increase business revenue. We have worked with many companies across diverse industries to create

Comparison: WordPress VS Wix

To be honest, as WordPress website provider, it is quite unfair for us to provide a comparison of WordPress VS Wix. However, due to some enquiry from our potential clients for us to build Wix website for their business. We would like to express our opinion about these two well

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